New Chiropractic Patient Forms

Save time on your initial visit by printing out and filling out the new patient forms before you arrive 


About our fees 


We accept cash, debit card, master card, and visa


Direct billing is offered to most insurance companies



New Patient Visit (45-60 mins)


Subsequent treatment chiropractic only (20 mins)


Subsequent visit chiro, acupuncture, rehabilitation (30-45 mins)


New complaint for existing patient 30-45 min)


Performance Programs

Performance programs are treatment plans which dive deeper into an individual’s performance, exercise, and or weight loss goals. All modalities of treatment including chiropractic, soft tissue release, and acupuncture may be blended with personal training, rehabilitation, and activity or sport specific training.


During the initial assessment in addition to a traditional chiropractic assessment, an in-depth movement analysis will be completed as well as a deeper look into lifestyle and performance goals for the individual. Individuals that will benefit from one of these programs want more than simply pain relief but they have a weight loss, injury prevention, or performance goal in mind. As these services include more than chiropractic care they require more time and one-on-one training and most likely will not be fully covered by most insurance plans.



Initial assessment 1 hr - $100

One time only training session to set up an @ home 6-week program - $100


Chiropractic and performance program – Include 2 x 1-hour sessions a week for 6 weeks - $95/hour $1,080 package.


Sessions can include chiropractic, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, education and a training program which is done in the office and can be done outside the office. Patients receive a well-designed program specific for their goals that fit their lifestyle.



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