Rehab Riverside Windsor

Rehabilitation is a progressive, dynamic, goal-oriented and often time-limited process which enables an individual with an impairment to identify and reach his/her optimal mental, physical, cognitive, and/or social functional level (world health organization)



Rehabilitation in the form of therapeutic exercise is used to not only recover from acute injuries related to sports, workplace, or accidents but a well-designed exercise program can help patients recover quicker post-surgery and also treat chronic muscle and joint conditions.  It also focuses on health and injury prevention.


Chiropractors are excellent health care practitioners to provide this service as they understand the process of recovering from an injury or surgery and understand what type of rehabilitation is necessary for patients to return to their sport, work, or daily activities. 



Rehabilitation focuses on health and injury prevention


Training and Performance Programs

Rehab Riverside Windsor

For athletes and people with performance objectives in mind, Training is necessary. Training is more than just exercise or physical activity. It is specific activity or exercise for the purpose of satisfying a long-term performance goal, it is the process of reaching a goal and maximizing physical potential. This generates definable results and often time requires a well-designed program. 


With chiropractors and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, All Systems Training and Chiropractic blend manual therapy and exercise to help people reach their fitness goals. Individuals that are looking to run races, lose weight, compete in a sport will reach their goals smarter and faster, and with less risk of injury if they have a well-designed and thought out training program. 


All Systems offers programs for individuals that can be done in the facility or done at home. Movement Assessments are done to identify risk factors for injuries as well as deficiencies that may be holding an individual back from reaching their fitness goals.



Training helps people reach their performance goals