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Shin Splint Exercises

Updated: May 7, 2020

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome AKA “shin splints”

Shin splints are a very common injury for runners. It manifests as pain in the shin area caused by repetitive strain with running combined with inadequate healing/rest time.

There are many different types of shin splints, however, a deliberate strengthening program targeting these muscles can treat and prevent these types of injuries.

Benefits of these exercises

1. Increases strength and capacity of muscles and bones to handle the increased load of running

2.Increased strength can improve biomechanics and running form

3. Adding a strength training day instead of a run day can increase your strength and give your legs a rest from the repetition of running

In the video we demonstrate a few exercises that we use with our runners suffering from shin splints

➡Soleus Glute Bridge

➡Side Step Up

➡Soleus Wall Sit (tippy toe wall sit)

➡ Tibialis Posterior Calf Raise


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