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Intra Oral Massage for TMJ Disorder

Chewing, clenching, & trauma … these are the 3 main functional actions that can cause Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction.

The TMJ, located in our jaw, has 4 main muscles that attach to it, which can cause pain and may even cause clicking in the jaw when in a state of dysfunction.

If one or more of these muscles are tight and tugging in different directions when you open & close your mouth, your jaw can be pulled in those directions as well, resulting the pain, dysfunction, and that annoying clicking.

Massage therapists work directly on muscles & tendons that attach to different joints in the body, and the TMJ is no different!

Massage and joint mobilizations are very effective in treating dysfunction and pain of the TMJ.

Massage of two of the main muscles that attach to the TMJ are performed intra-orally (meaning inside of the mouth), to help reduce tightness and release those muscles. This allows the TMJ to return to its ‘normal’ state allowing for pain-free movement in the jaw!

If you’ve been feeling pain or maybe hearing a clicking in your jaw, get assessed and consider massage to help treat your TMJ dysfunction!


Paige Ceci-Laws, RMT


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