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Health Tips for Travelling

If you're planning a trip this spring break, then this post is for you! I've put together my top four tips to make traveling more enjoyable!

1. Pack enough electrolytes for the whole family. One of the most common reasons for hospital visits in children with flu-like illnesses is dehydration - so ensuring you and your kids are hydrated with electrolytes will hopefully keep you in your hotel room and out of the emergency room in a faraway place! Adrienne's favorite brand is biosteel- there is no added sugar and they come in handy individual packets that you can keep on your carry-on!

2. Check in with the Travel Health section of Health Canada's website. Sunscreen is super important if you're heading south, but some countries will be in heavy mosquito season. Some countries have mosquitos that carry things like Zika and Dengue virus, which can cause severe illness and pose a higher risk to pregnant people. Check in with the country you're visiting to be sure you're aware of any extra precautions, including packing enough bug spray in your checked baggage.

3. Be prepared with S. Boulardii! S. Boulardii is a probiotic yeast that has been shown to reduce infection from antibiotic-associated diarrhea as well as diarrhea caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses! If anyone gets a bug from resort food and is experiencing diarrhea, S. Boulardii should be your first line of defense, along with hydration, of course! One of my favorites is HMF Travel by Genestra. It's shelf stable- meaning it doesn't need to be refrigerated, so you can keep it in your carry-on!

4. ENJOY YOUR VACATION! It's so easy to get stressed about all the planning and the preparation of travel, worrying if something will go wrong, did you pack enough clothes, are the kids going to have a good time, etc. Take a few mindful minutes (if you have kids, maybe even just a few seconds!) to breathe deeply and remind yourself that things are good.

BONUS ACTIVITY: If you feel like you can't take those few minutes in the morning for meditation, get the kids involved! Take a 'listening walk'. Have everyone be silent as you walk from your room to the beach, the water, the forest; or whatever is nearby. Tell the family you'll walk for x minutes (you know your family best, it can be 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes!) and when you get to your destination or back to your room, everyone has to tell you what sounds they heard on the walk. It's a great way to start the day for the whole family. Safe travels!


Adrienne DeLuca, B.H.K. Graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Doula


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