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Stick to a plan while preventing boredom

Sticking to a plan is vital to ensure that you are reaching your goal and full potential. The same exercise selection can get boring. So what is the best way to ensure continual progress while avoiding boredom and plateaus?

The answer is to adopt a “same but different philosophy” to reach your goal and stay consistent . This one is taken from legendary strength coach Dan John. Simplicity and consistently doing the right things is key to reaching your goal. My routines are basic and include the few big lifts/movements everyone should perform and master; and that is squat, hip hinge, upper body push, and upper body pull However, if workouts only consisted of a back squat, deadlift, barbell press, and a row then it would get stale. In this case every 3-4 weeks I change the lifts to a lift that works these same movements but differently (same but different) I.e., subbing out back squat for a front squat, goblet squat, or single leg split squat Additionally, if you followed last weeks tip you know that movement variability is important. Accessory unilateral work, moving in different planes, and warming up is important. However, nearly everyone can benefit from getting good at the basics


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