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Shoulder Pain?

With overhead movements, a lot of us experience discomfort or a clicking which often times is not painful but definitely annoying or uncomfortable.

This can be caused by many things but is many times due to poor shoulder kinematics. Meaning your arm isn’t moving properly due to improper muscle activation. In other words, some muscles are working too hard and others not enough.

Here’s a couple exercise I do to help with shoulder mobility and stability and they happen to be great for scapular robustness, movement, and posture. Warning; this is a more advanced form of training the rotator cuff so if you have pain or a more serious injury we want to start with something easier. Take this one slow and light. And remember to keep those glutes squeezed, ribcage down, and chin tucked throughout both movements.

Exercise 1. Engage the mini band around the wrist and hold a light pair of dumbbells. Keep tension on the band and raise the dumbbells very slow and controlled while feeling the small muscles around the shoulder blade moving the dumbbells and arms overhead rather than your anterior shoulder. This makes this exercise a lot different than traditional shoulder raise exercise. We want the little rotator cuff muscles controlling the movement vs. the overactive deltoid.

Exercise 2. This one I played around with because it accomplishes a couple of things with one exercise. It isometrically loads the shoulder overhead to engage the posterior shoulder muscles. This position requires a great amount of mobility and stability. The other arm is using predominantly the lattismus and the teres major to pull the band to the side of the body. These two muscles are often the forgotten muscles in shoulder health.

Try these out for a great shoulder burn in your workouts or for a more advanced shoulder rehab program.


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