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Office Posture Correction

Posture Correction!

Taking a break from your workstation is a must when you are stuck in that poor posture all day. Here are a few exercises I share with all my desk jockeys. This can be done at home or ideally throughout the day every hour or two.

All of my patients get a band to take to the office for a nice little reminder to keep doing the work.

1. Levator Stretch: Grab the back of your chair with the side you want to stretch. Gently lean away and with your opposite hand pull your head toward that opposite armpit. Feel a stretch in the back of the neck and hold for 20-30s. This stretches the levator scapula muscle.

2. Trapezius stretch: Assume the same starting position at the previous stretch. This time gently pull your head to your opposite shoulder, bringing your ear to your shoulder. You should feel the stretch in the side of your neck. Hold the stretch for 20-30s.

3. Brueggers exercise: This exercise is designed to reverse the classic desk working posture. Sit up nice and tall with your chest out, draw shoulder blades down and back, and tuck your chin in. Roll your shoulders back and straighten your elbows and wrists fully behind your body. Hold this position for 30 s or if you have a band repeat this movement 10x.

4. Palms up external rotation: While holding a band with your palms up and elbows bent at your side, pull your hands away from your stomach area, keeping the elbows pinned to your sides. Keep your chin tucked in nicely and hold the end position for 2 seconds. Repeat this 10-15 x depending on the strength of the band.

These exercises are general guidelines and tips. For a routine tailored made for you and or your workstation book an appointment today!


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