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Build Healthy Habits Outside of the Gym

Tip 4 on how to maximize gains, prevent injury, and stay active forever

Yes crushing your 45-60 minutes workout every day is great. Also, getting your 150 minutes of recommended weekly exercises is great too! However, we are finding today that even people who do their regular exercise still suffer from obesity, diabetes, and have trouble living a healthy lifestyle outside the gym I am a huge believer in small things you can incorporate outside the gym to make yourself a healthier individual. The two habits I focus on are walking for active recovery and hydration

1. Walking is the activity I tell everyone to do as much as possible. Whether it is an evening walk after your dinner or walking for your afternoon coffee instead of driving. Try to aim to get 9,000 steps a day

2.Drink water throughout the day. You’d be surprised at how often you may be dehydrated which would negatively affect energy levels, mood, and hunger You will find if you do both these habits consistently it will help you recover better from exercise, give you energy, and even lead to weight loss if done consistently over time


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