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At Home Neck Mobility Routine

Many people complain of stiffness and tightness in their neck, especially the trapezius area. Tension can build up throughout the day due to postural strain, inactivity or even too much activity. These 4 exercises are easy mobility exercises you can do at home. Check out our postural strengthening routine that can be performed with these exercises

1. Upper Trapezius Stretch: If you are stretching your left side you can take your left hand and place in the small of your back. Take your right hand and gently pull your wrist to depress the left shoulder. Now your right elbow should look like a chicken wing. Bring your right ear to the right shoulder and gently stare upward. Hold for about 20 seconds

2. Levator Scapulae Stretch: If you are stretching your left side gently hold the seat of the chair with your left hand. This will help to depress the left shoulder blade to enhance the stretch. Bring your right ear to your right shoulder and gently turn your head as if you were looking into your right front pocket. Hold for about 20 seconds.

3. Shoulder Rolls: Either seated or standing gently roll your shoulders forward making bigger and bigger circles as the shoulder joint begins to loosen up. Perform 10 and then reverse the direction.

4. Neck Rotation with Towel Assistance: Hold the ends of a small folded bath towel and wrap it around your head and neck as shown. Place the towel on your face so as to minimize placing pressure on your jaw. Pressure should be placed on the side of your face/cheekbone. Use your bottom-most arm to anchor the towel in place. Use your topmost arm to pull the towel to cause a gentle rotational stretch in your neck. Hold, then return to starting position and repeat for a total of 10 reps each side.


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