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A New Look at Tight Hips

So I have been running a lot and sitting so the hips are TIGHT! I have been stretching a lot but static stretching is just not enough as it only provides temporary relief.

· Here’s a quick routine I have been doing to help with my tight hips. There are many causes for tight and painful hips while running; one being core control and weakness.

· 1st exercise is to activate the core and hip flexors. This will strengthen the psoas muscle, the main hip flexors, and core muscles so I am better able to handle the stresses of

running and sitting all day.

· What you want to focus on in this exercises is keeping the core braced and the pelvic tucked (no rib flaring) while maintaining a breath through your belly. Keep it slow and controlled and remember to maintain breathing. This exercise has done wonders for helping with my cranky hips and low back pain.

· 2nd Exercise is the good old foam roller. I like to add it in by adding roughly 2 minutes per hip a couple times a week. I focus on getting right into the hip and finding areas of tension and staying there for a bit. The foam roller is great to decrease some of the perceived tension in the hips and much like static stretching provides some temporary relief for the hips.


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